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TOP 7 software development trends of 2020 !

Daily technology has greatly improved people’s quality of life. Technology is a miracle, because what seemed completely impossible five years ago became a common practice. Except for perpetual motion machines and timing machines.

However, time machines are not always necessary to predict the future. Sometimes, proficient analysis is sufficient. To get a glimpse of the future of technology, the current trends in software development should be considered, because top technology trends are windows of opportunity. 2020 is coming to an end, so now it is time to list the 7 trends for the year.

1. Blockchain

This technology is used to store transaction data. Today, Bitcoin transactions have successfully used this tool. The transaction proved the huge potential of using blockchain in banks. Because this technology has a series of major advantages, including security, transparency and openness.

When processing transactions, participants are acquiring data at every step taken by each other. Blockchain technology is decentralized, and data cannot be deleted in certain operations because many computers around the world store this information.This is why blockchain is the best solution for areas that require a high degree of transparency and data maintenance (such as micropayments, bank transactions, logistics operations, etc.).

The technology can be used for any purpose, from hospital card catalogs to elections. Recently, blockchain technology is an unusual novelty, but now, due to its endless opportunities to be demonstrated and proven, global giants are interested in it. It seems that almost nothing can stop the development and global implementation of the blockchain. This fact is very encouraging.

2. Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR)

With AR technology, people can see the real world and other inserted digital objects on the camera. VR allows people to enter virtual spaces with the help of headsets. It is undeniable that VR and AR are the main trends in software development. However, most of these technologies are regarded as attributes of the entertainment industry. The release of Oculus Rift contributed to this fact. These virtual reality systems are sold like crazy and are very interested in the VR field.

These gadgets can be used for 360-degree videos and games. The application possibilities are much wider. These technologies may be helpful to design engineers and designers, because AR and VR are very good at prototyping and model analysis. In order to establish routines, soldiers, doctors and athletes may rehearse their behavior beyond actual conditions. Today, we have also witnessed the continuous growth of this technology. It no longer exists as a service for high-priced items. Nowadays, there will not be any problems with the development and use of applications for any VR and AR applications. Therefore, as we have seen, the application of VR and AR in all important areas of life is a matter of time.

3. PaaS

Platform as a Service (PaaS) is a development platform and environment in the cloud. On this basis, all necessary tools (hardware, operating system, database software, middleware, QA tools, etc.) are provided for developers. With the development of products, PaaS is a way to provide products to consumers.

PaaS is included in web development trends because it reduces the importance of distance: the technology allows customers to control deployed applications, and members of the programming team can work remotely. With PaaS, responsibilities can be distributed among teams. This platform provides more opportunities for comments and exchange of messages within the team. Sometimes, emerging technologies may affect the process structure. PaaS platforms are closely linked to current software development trends such as a dispersed developer team.

Platforms such as PaaS allow experts to form teams, no matter where they are located. The version control system records all changes and all functions run smoothly. The equal responsibility of each member of the team leads to common interests and coordinated teamwork. The global trend of service outsourcing has also promoted the decentralized structure of the team.

4-IOT internet Of Things

According to this trend, most devices should become smart. This does not mean that these devices can conquer the world. These smart machines are equipped with sensors, but the unprocessed information is meaningless. The cloud-based application is responsible for data processing (interpretation, transmission). Almost all devices can connect to the Internet, but so far it has hardly been able to take advantage of this connection. Therefore, there is an urgent need to develop various useful functions that are possible due to the Internet. A new remote goal is to combine all smart devices into the network so that they can operate together.

For example, when driving a car, you no longer need to stop by a street light, because your smart car is aware of how often the traffic light changes and calculates the optimal speed to avoid approaching the light when the signal is prohibited. The latest trends in web development related to the Internet of Things herald a huge change in daily life.

5. Big data

First, big data is a special set of methods and tools designed to process large amounts of information and present it to users for understanding. It is characterized by accuracy, effectiveness, variability and variability. This phenomenon has been strongly criticized, but it still belongs to the Web development trend in 2020. The point is that big data is just a means. The one-size-fits-all approach is inappropriate, so the possibility of using big data has been reasonably analyzed. In some areas, big data can bring incredible results.

6. Artificial intelligence

A long time ago, artificial intelligence was originally designed to create human-like intelligence. Under the current circumstances, the field is developing in the form of smart things, which should make life more comfortable. Existing chatbots may help solve company problems. Voice assistants are becoming more and more popular because their functions have been significantly improved.

These programs are very popular, and they constitute one of the mobile application development trends. Assistants such as Siri and Cortana are widely known and used. In addition to answering user questions, Amazon Echo, Google Home and Amazon Alexa can all manage smart devices. Developers are working hard to provide an appropriate level of security for personal assistants, as it is currently not recommended to allow them to access mail. However, progress is encouraging, with personal assistants at the top.

7. Cybersecurity

The fight against hackers is endless, because they are always looking for new vulnerabilities. But it doesn’t matter. Financial institutions and other organizations realize that failing to protect information about their customers poses a huge reputational risk. In the past few years, the frequency, scale and complexity of cyber attacks have greatly increased. Cloud services are now in danger.

Hacking into the company’s cloud network is in progress. Hackers have used almost all areas of life or other useful software in some way, exposing the risk to the most important institutions (such as hospitals, factory automatic control systems, prisons), endangering human health and lives. Cyber ​​attacks usually target these important areas, which makes cyber security a key issue. First of all, the current trend of software development is based on market demand. There is an urgent need for first-class cyber security experts.

Current trends in software development All of the above trends constitute the future of software development. They are very popular now, but the problem is the development prospects. Network security is outstanding, but this focus area retains all other technologies and enables them to function normally. After studying these trends, it is certain that the future of technology is promising. In the near future, equipment will improve our daily lives.

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