Yassine Kneizia - The mindset of a software engineer

Here is an amazing feedback from one of our greatest student.

1- Why would you recommend RBK to someone?

Because the process that I've been to in RBK is so different than the educational system in Tunisia. RBK uses problem approach and Sprints methodology, so I recommend all students to follow this approach.

2- What motivated you to join RBK?

Honestly, I was motivated by the way of achieving the whole day speaking only English, and of course spending all my time coding, that was a joy for me; it's like playing a game :D

3- Few lines about who you are (before and after RBK )

I'm a 28 years old mechatronics engineer. I have an open mind to learn all science field as I'm a versatile person who has a desire to achieve limitless goals in life.

4- Looking back what was the most valuable thing you earned from your experience in RBK

To be honest, I learned a lot of things, improvements in different skills starting from communication skill and public speaking, also being autonomous and solving problems by my own. The most important thing is commitment.