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Talent Story : Zied Barhoumi

1- In which company you currently work, your position and net salary

I work at Siyou Technology as a backend developer with a monthly net earning of 1000dt.

2- Why would you recommend RBK to someone

I would recommend RBK as it’s the best way to start building your future. It allows you to improve your skills through its different educational methodologies.

3- Few lines about who you are (before and after RBK)

During RBK I learned to be more organized which served me well in my new career as a developer. I now know what I want to do in my career and what goals I aspire to achieve in life. I learned so many things through RBK experience that helped me improve well!

4- What motivated you to join RBK?

I heard a lot about RBK and how students easily found jobs with good starting salaries and to be honest that was the most motivational part. What makes it even better is that what I heard was actually true, and I am the proof of that.

5- Looking back, what was the most valuable thing you earned from your experience in RBK

The most valuable and important thing I earned is self-confidence. I now believe that I’m a better person, and it’s never too late to do what I want.

6- Anything you'd like to say that can inspire people to follow what you did

Based on my experience, I’d say that you should not ever let down your dreams and stay confident that some day you will find your way to success.

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