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8 Job hunting tips for software engineers

First of all, what does a software engineer do?

Designing, conceiving, developing, testing and maintaining a product or a project according to the needs and preferences of clients or product owners. To become a software engineer you’ll need a formal degree or certification in technical fields such as computer science, mathematics and information technologies .

Do you fit all the criteria ? Are you a software engineer in need for a job ?

You’re in the right place and this article is for you ! Here are some tips and advice to make it easier for you !


What's more important to you ? Ask yourself some questions so you can set your priorities.

For example, What’s the size of the company you want to work for ? Can you relocate or move to another city for a job? Is the Project or the responsibilities you’re given at your job more important? Can you see yourself working a full-time job everyday?

So, our advice to you is to decide before each interview on which priorities you are more or less willing to compromise. For beginners, a general sense of flexibility can help seize more opportunities in the future. However, if you are already an experienced software engineer looking for changes, or have recently completed an advanced software engineer program, you can list your criteria and carefully evaluate their significance.

2-Make the right choice!

What are you interested in? Whether it is software, hardware or R&D, Try to be clear about the industry you are interested in and why.

You can first consider the most commonly used applications, and then these applications will appeal to you. Is it the user interface? The function of the application? Its design? Once you narrow down your interests by industry or field, finding a job will be way easier !

3-Make your skills your main focus

always keep your resume up to date, add buzzwords words related to the job you are applying for. However, do not distract your talents because of this, always try to make yourself the most qualified engineer for the position.

The recruiter will want to know what excites you and what you think you have as skills. Make sure your resume is suitable for every application and company. Highlight the most relevant experience for the position, but make sure you can back it up during the interview.

4-Search, search and search!

Start with LinkedIn, Monster, Indeed, and Glassdoor. These are the most popular ones and then start using Google to your advantage. Connect with your own network of friends, family and colleagues and request a referral. Take advantage of various career fairs and networking events related to software engineering. Make everything work for you not against you!

5-Do not apply !

Try to skip the application part of job searching , make it look better .How can you do that ? this doesn’t mean you don’t need to apply for jobs , but you should innovate !

Use LinkedIn to find recruiters and hiring managers for your position. They will thank you for your initiative and you will create a more targeted software engineering job search. By establishing this direct communication, you can even eliminate the need for HR in your search. Follow interested companies on social media and search for local social events.

6. Create a good-looking social media profile

Employers always tend to write up your name on Google and see what they’ll find on you .So , Clean up your social media .Pay attention to how you represent yourself Facebook , LinkedIn, Instagram … make sure that your profiles are consistent with one another, as you will want to present an honest and consistent image Employers usually pursue humility and professionalism, and your presence on social media is your opportunity to represent yourself.

7-Learn new skills

An existing knowledge beforehand is required , that’s for sure . but your employer will want you to know your ability of learning new skills and improving yourself along the way .Take online courses and get as many certificates in your field or specialty as you can .Impress your employer by making him know you’re the right one for your position.

8-Show appreciation to the HR

Take note ,the hiring process is very personal for both the job seeker and the hiring manager so after an interview try to send an email or a note of appreciation to the person you conducted the interview with.

When looking for a new software engineering job, be sure to follow the news of your favorite companies .New opportunities can arise as their projects evolve. Consider bringing your portfolio for an interview, including a short biography page, examples of projects you’ve worked on, and references from former employers and colleagues. Many engineers make these resources available online and even on LinkedIn. This is your chance to translate your formal education into the labor market and impress employers with your knowledge!

Here at RBK we have a whole department working with our graduates just on that. Because our main mission is to train developers that are able to align themselves in the marketplace and we’re here to make sure they know all three facts and they’ll be able to create their own opportunities

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